Easter Jam

Easter Jam is for EVERYBODY in your family. So, if you’re a teenager, this is for you. You too, college students! And if you’re a younger kid, get ready. We’re about to have some serious fun and we need you to lead the way. Adults, buckle up! This is Easter like you’ve never done it before. 

This Easter weekend, take some time as a family to watch the video we've made for you. It's full of fun & games, music, and, most importantly, the Easter Story. In order to enjoy Easter Jam to the fullest, you'll need a few basic household items and 1 package of Peeps! Check out the list of items needed and get the link to the video below! Happy Easter!

Have questions? Send an e-mail to journeykids@journeychristian.org.

Supplies Needed & Video Link

Gather these supplies!

1. a package of Peeps ($)

2. a microwave-safe plate

3. toothpicks

4. a microwave

5. a laundry basket

6. socks (that have a match), lots of them!

Watch the video!

When you're ready to watch, click here.


Take pictures during Easter Jam and post them on Facebook. Make sure to tag @JourneyKidsGreeley and use the hashtag, #EasterJam2020!