Journey has a passion to be a "Teaching Hospital". It is our desire to use our knowledge of ministry to help train and equip others for future ministry. With this desire and passion, Journey has developed two programs that help in this process, Internships and Apprenticeships.


An internship is a short-term employment with Journey that is consistent with a requirement for a Bible college degree. An internship can be anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on the school's requirements. One may intern with any of the Journey departments: preaching, youth, family, children, or worship. 


An apprenticeship is for those who may be working full time in other careers other than ministry but are feeling called into full or part time ministry. The purpose of this program is to determine the validity of the calling and help equip someone for a life of ministry. Journey has experienced a pattern of members finding these callings and has become a place to equip and encourage. We require all apprentices to first attend and volunteer at Journey before entrance into the program. The program is designed to work around a school or work schedule. The apprenticeship can also be a general ministry apprenticeship, or geared towards a specific track: worship, preaching, youth, children, adults, etc. . 

For more information about either opportunity please contact Darlene Schroeder at