COVID-19 Response - Phase 3

Our next response to COVID-19 will launch on Sunday, September 20!

Below, you will find a message from our Lead Pastor, Arron Chambers, and what you need to know to prepare for Phase 3:


Phase 3 Starts September 20

As we enter Phase 3, here's how you can be a part of Journey as we journey "In Christ, With the Church, and For the Community."

  • Dine In

    8:30a INDOOR Service

    • Please wear a mask and practice physical distancing.
    • Journey Kids Programming for Ages 1-5 & Grades K-5
      (Kids, Grades K-5, are required to wear a mask.)
    • Enter through Main Entrance (east doors).
    • Bring your own coffee.
    You will notice some changes to our building and the way we do things. 
    Our J-Team will be here to assist you each week!
  • Curbside

    10:00a OUTDOOR Service - Don't want to wear a mask? This service is for you!

    • Continue meeting in the south parking lot as we have since mid-June.
    • Bring your own lawn chair, blanket, tent, etc.
    • No Journey Kids Programming
  • Delivery

    8:30a LIVESTREAM Service - If you're not ready to gather with people, the livestream service is for you!

    MICROCAMPUSES - If you're not ready to gather with a large group but you still want to get together with people, you might consider leading, hosting or joining a MicroCampus. These can happen any time during the week and anywhere.

Journey Kids

Here's what parents & kids need to know about our 8:30a indoor service!

Journey Kids programming is back in person!

We'll have programming for Toddlers & Preschoolers (1-5), and Elementary (Grades K-5) kids!

1. STAY TOGETHER! Parents, while in the building, please keep your kids with

you at all times until you drop them off at their appropriate classroom.

2. CHECK IN! Our check-in system will now be manned by a member of our Journey Kids/Guest Services team. 

It will open around 8:05a each Sunday.

3. PHYSICAL DISTANCING! We have made certain changes to the building to improve physical distancing. 

Please "go with the flow" as we all adjust to new lines and processes for check-in, drop-off, and pick-up.

(i.e. Pick-up and drop-off for Toddlers & Preschoolers will take place over the counter and not at their specific rooms.)

4. MASK UP! Journey Kids (Kindergarten - 5th Grade) will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the Journey Kids Theater.

Masks are not required for Preschool-age kids and younger.

5. LIMITED CAPACITY! Because of new restrictions, we are currently able to only take so many kids in our

Toddler & Preschool (1-5), and Elementary (Grades K-5) rooms.

If we are not able to take your kids due to capacity restrictions,

we will provide them with a "busy bag" of activities for them to do in the main worship service.

6. STAY HEALTHY! Our younger Journey Kids (Toddlers & Preschoolers) will have their temperatures taken,

and parents will be asked some health screening questions. 

This is to ensure the safety of Journey Kids, their families, and the Journey Kids Team.

Thank you for being gracious and patient with us as we re-launch Journey Kids programming

while adjusting our methods of serving you and your kids!