Jesus gave this command to his disciples, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 28:19). Journey believes in carrying on this mission by supporting various projects and missionaries all over the world. 

  • Rapha International

    Rapha International is a ministry that exists to love, rescue, and bring healing to women and children who have been victimized by human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Through their aftercare facilities, vocational training, community partnerships, and prevention programs like Kids Club, Rapha International is changing Southeast Asia and Haiti. Rapha International believes that Jesus is the Great Healer and can restore broken lives.

    Locations: Southeast Asia and Haiti


  • Casas por Cristo

    Casas por Cristo provides housing for those in need through week-long missions trips. They transform empty lots into a safe and secure home for those in need. Missions trip volunteers are able to experience first hand the effects of poverty in our world. Each family that receives a home, receives a tangible gift of the faithfulness and unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

    Locations: Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico


  • 20 for 20

    20 for 20 feeds and teaches job skills to the underprivileged children of Argentina. Your monthly support of $20 will provide a child with 20 days of nutrition and job skill training. 20 for 20 also encourages children to stay in school and provides high school-aged students access to basic job training for work in: carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and other skilled trades. This provides opportunities for them to earn an income.

    Location: Argentina


  • Impact

    Impact is a college focused ministry. Impact strives to share the Gospel of Christ and be a beacon of hope in the academic world. Currently, Impact works on two campuses in Colorado, Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado. 

    Locations: Greeley, CO & Fort Collins, CO


  • Serve 6.8

    SERVE 6.8 is a Christian nonprofit organization that specializes in mobilizing, resourcing, and connecting the local church to care for people in Northern Colorado. We partner with 50+ churches to offer ministries to meet physical needs while pointing people back Christ and a church community.  Journey partners with Serve 6.8 in their Resource Center, Community Impact and Adopt-a-Family Ministries. 

    Location: Northern Colorado


  • Local Schools

    Journey is proud to support three local schools: Ann K. Heiman Elementary, Prairie Heights Middle, and Frontier Academy (Secondary).

    Locations: Greeley, CO & Evans, CO

    Web: Ann K. Heiman

    Web: Prairie Heights

    Web: Frontier Academy

  • Northern Colorado Youth for Christ

    Northern Colorado Youth For Christ (NCYFC) works together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus. NCYFC uses a variety of methods to reach teens such as: a free skate park, coffee shop, community service projects, and a discipleship program.

    Locations: Greeley, CO


  • Simon Godpresence & Bethel Christian Church

    Bethel Christian Church is a church in Eldoret, Kenya serving under the Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ. Led by Pastor Simon Godpresence, It's a service and a ministry of the Christian Church family in Kenya.

    Location: Eldoret, Kenya

    Web: Bethel's Facebook Page

  • Camp Como

    Camp Como uses a unique mountain environment to encourage and challenge campers to become fully devoted followers of Christ by making decisions to follow Christ, rededicating their lives to Christ, and being called into full-time ministry. 

    Location: Como, CO


  • The Genesis Project of Northern Colorado

    The Genesis Project of Northern Colorado is a faith-based residential home for single moms and their children. Their participants have been exposed to one or more at-risk factors including addiction, abuse, poverty, and homelessness and are seeking opportunities for change and growth. GPNC provides a safe home environment, life-skills, parenting and financial education, faith-building opportunities, and professional partners to help residents achieve their goals. Their purpose is to empower women to live in complete healing through faith in Christ, strengthen their families, and cultivate an expectation of success in life. 

    Location: Greeley, CO


  • Lost Children of Peru

    Lost Children of Peru's mission is to love as many children as possible, while making Jesus famous along the way, and their vision is to be a House of Light (Casa de Luz) for the children, teens, and families who live on the hillsides of Comas and Carabayllo, Peru--two of the poorest districts of Lima. They do so by operating a community center where our Peruvian staff loves, mentors, and ministers to the children and teens who live on the hillsides by offering them community, leadership training, biblical teaching, a safe place to hang out, computers where they can do their homework, and access to nourishing meals. 

    Location: Comas and Carabayllo, Peru


  • Alec Street

    Alec has served Northern Colorado Youth for Christ (NCYFC) since 2017, working as a rebalance coach, a ministry coordinator for the Refuge and Higher Grounds, and he supports the media productions for NCYFC. 

    Location: Greeley, CO


  • Amanda Page

    Amanda serves as on staff at Black Forest Academy, an international missionary student school in Germany. At Black Forest Academy, the mission is to provide students with a quality, international Christian education that equips them to influence their world through biblical thought, character, and action. We partner with families living in 40+ countries around the world.

    Location: Kandern, Germany


  • The Huddlestons

    Chad & Jennifer Huddleston, along with their five children, Anika, Josiah, Caleb, Katia, and Gideon, currently serve as missionaries to the country of Japan. The city of Ishinomaki was one of the most devastated areas following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. The Huddleston’s felt a call from God to be a part of restoring the lives of the people there. In the months following the disaster, the Huddlestons moved their family to Ishinomaki. The Huddlestons currently serve the local community and help strengthen the local church.

    Location: Ishinomaki, Japan


  • The Owens

    The Owens work through an organization called CRU that is committed to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with young people throughout the world. Turkey is one of the most unreached countries in the world, with only seven other countries having fewer missionaries per capita. Turkey has the lowest percentage of evangelical Christians in the country at 0.009%. Due to the difficulty of sharing the Gospel outright, CRU uses sports to reach the lost. Many people in the country of Turkey enjoy participating in various athletic programs, and CRU uses this as a door to share the Gospel with them.

    Location: Turkey


  • The Paladichucks

    The Paladichucks seek to help those in need in Guatemala. Whether it be medical supplies or procedures, food and clothing, home improvements, or even building a new home... They’ve provided funds for school supplies, clothes, food, medical supplies, hospital procedures, furnishings, and even a home for a disabled man. They do their best to help however they can based on how God leads them.

    Location: Guatemala

  • North African Mission

    Many countries in parts of northern Africa are extremely hostile towards the Gospel and are devoted to the Muslim religion. As a part of Journey’s mission to share the gospel with all parts of the world, we have decided to partner with individuals who at times risk their lives to share the good news of Jesus. Through various avenues, these people are being salt and light in a world full of darkness. Due to the sensitive nature of the work being done, we cannot share any specific information regarding their work including their names or locations.

    Location: Restricted

  • Sterling Correctional Facility

    coming soon...

    Location: Sterling, CO