Journey is comprised of men and women who love God and want to see everyone come to a loving relationship with Jesus. If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail or contact anyone on our team. 

  • Arron Chambers

    Lead Pastor

    Meet Arron Chambers! He chose to serve as the Lead Pastor at Journey Christian Church in 2008. As the Lead Pastor he preaches weekly and helps cast vision and direction for the church.  Arron loves a lot in life but you should know he really loves...

    1. Hanging out with his wife (Rhonda), coaching, and lifting

    2. Eating jelly filled donuts while cuddling with the family cat

    3. Drinking coffee and reading the "War of Art"

  • roundedemail  Aaron Worshek

    Executive Pastor

    Meet the other Aaron—Aaron Worshek! He joined the team at Journey in 2017. As Executive Minister, Aaron works to keep the operations side of things going! He also simultaneously serves as our Student Minister. Here are 3 things you need to know about Aaron…

    1. After Jesus, his wife (Amy), and 4 kids, Aaron LOVES baseball, especially the Cubs!
    2. He enjoys listening to audiobooks and stand-up comedy.
    3. And, he considers yard work to be therapeutic.
  • roundedemail Caleb Peterson

    Worship Pastor

    coming soon...

  • roundedemail  Rodney Fletcher

    Student Pastor

    coming soon...

  • roundedemail  Kayla Mehlenbacher

    Children's Pastor

    Meet Kayla Mehlenbacher who joined the Journey team in 2022 as the Children’s Minister. She loves serving the children and their families each week by bringing them a fun, organized program encouraging each of them in their walk with the Lord.  When Kayla isn’t working at Journey or hanging out with her husband (Brady) you can find her…

    1. Organizing all the things

    2. Drinking coffee and reading

    3. Watching college football

  • roundedemail  Dan Schaffner

    Pastoral Care Pastor

    Meet Dan Schaffner! Journey adopted Dan into the family as the Pastoral Care Minister in 2015. He faithfully serves the church through providing care for our seniors, divorcees, those experiencing grief, running our food pantry, and more!  When Dan isn’t at Journey you can find him:

    1. Exploring God’s creation

    2. Hanging out with his wife (Sue)

    3. Enjoying the arts--in particular, anything with canary yellow in it

  • roundedemail  Darlene Schroeder

    Finance Coordinator

    Meet Darlene Schroeder! Darlene joined the Journey staff in 2010 and now serves as the Finance Manager. She loves the people she works with at Journey. You can find her and her husband (Errol) helping at church all through the week. When Darlene isn’t at church, she is...

    1. Eating "Christian chicken"

    2. Vacationing in tropical places

    3. Playing games with friends and family

  • roundedemail  Ashley Colgate

    Campus Coordinator

    Introducing Ashley Colgate! She joined Journey's staff in 2022 as the Campus Coordinator. She loves helping others accomplish their projects at Journey and helping people feel welcome. When she’s not at Journey you can find her...

    1. Spending time with her husband (John) and their kids

    2. Deep in a project--whether hers or someone else’s

    3. Gardening or reading or hiking or spending time with friends

  • Becky Freeman

    Children's Ministry Assistant

    Becky joined the Journey staff in 2020 as the Children's Ministry Assistant helping serve Journey Kids each week. She loves being part of a team that loves each other and others well. When Becky is not serving at Journey, you can find her…

    1. Eating food with people she loves

    2. Trying out new recipes

    3. Finding new hobbies

  • Alex Sasse

    Worship Ministry Assistant

    Alex joined the Journey staff in 2022. He loves mixing the audio for the online stream and helping the technological parts of the service run smoothly. When Alex isn’t in school or working you can find him...

    1. Making art

    2. Playing video games

    3. Learning about the making of video media

  • Dawn Muhlenbruck


    Dawn joined the staff at Journey in 2012. As our custodian she loves helping provide a nice place for people to come worship and have their get-togethers. When not at Journey you can find her...

    1. Enjoying an Avs game with her family

    2. Cooking, baking, or enjoying photography

    3. Helping meet needs in our community